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Due to the pandemic, Cindy is also teaching virtual Ikebana classes on her social media channels, as well as private virtual classes!


This is a study of plant materials, flowers and composition. As an art form, Ikebana is a silent pursuit, which helps the designer reflects upon space, balance, and their relationship with the natural world. It is meditative, and can help to clear the mind and achieve inner peace. As a result, the final product will often reveal much about the person behind the arrangement, as though they leave a part of themselves in it. 


This is also the time when one feels closeness to nature which provides relaxation for the mind, body, and soul.

Movement in Ikebana


Ikebana arrangements can express an infinite variety of moods and emotion ranging from calm and serene to dynamic and agitated. Here are some of Cindy's interpretation of Ikebana in the gallery below: 

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